Mothering Matters Christmas Home Tour returns Dec. 1

The Mothering Matters Christmas Home Tour returns from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 1.

The home tour serves as a fundraiser for Mothering Matters, a ministry of Siloam Bible Church. Tickets for the event are $8 in advance and $10 at the door, according to Ingrid Melgar, the coordinator for the 2023 Christmas Home Tour.

Tickets are available at Cafe on Broadway, Fratelli's, Occasions, Sassafras and Whisk and Spool. Six houses will be featured on the tour, Melgar said.

"We ask(ed) people through the community to open their homes," Melgar said. "They deck out their houses ... and they open their homes so people can come to their home and see the decorations. We have a home where we'll have refreshments and some cookies, and then we have a bake sale in a different home."

Attendees can spend as much time in each home as they would like, Melgar said. The Mothering Matters Christmas Home Tour has been a staple in Siloam Springs for 40-plus years although this is Melgar's first time hosting the event, she said.

This is also the first time the event has been held since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Melgar said. She also said that this is Mothering Matters' only fundraiser and helps fund the programs the nonprofit puts on.

What is Mothering Matters

Mothering Matters is a nonprofit that serves to help mothers out as they raise their children and gives them help and support so they do not feel like they are going through it alone.

"We promote just people knowing that they're not alone," Melgar said. "We meet every other week. And so we're seeing each other regularly. The kids get to go to daycare and become friends through that."

The group also helps mothers understand the sacrifice they are making to raise their kids as well as making the children aware of what their mothers do to benefit them as they grow up.

As a Christian-based program, Mothering Matters also teaches kids about God and supports the needs of the moms and makes sure that needs are met, Melgar said.

Regarding the 2023 Christmas Home Tour, Melgar said she hopes many people are interested in coming. Mothering Matters has had a lot of good feedback so far and hopes this will be a successful year.

The participating homeowners are also excited and hope that people will come through.

"They're ready to show off their homes and show off their decorations and just be a part of helping us with this event," Melgar said.